Name: Elliot Potter

Bio: Man on a mission, 34 yrs young; born August 1982 (Av 5742) for such a time as this. Husband of one wife. Father of one son. Author of two books. Speaker & Coach for 16yrs. Video Blogger since 2006. Rideshare Pro for Uber & Lyft drivers. Real Estate Investor in the making. Here to serve. How can I help you?

elliotpotter.NET is my digital business card.

#FREEbyFORTY is the immediate plan until 2022.

Before I Cross The Finish Line: Myles Munroe, Tony Robbins, David Wilkerson, Robert Kiyosaki, & Benjamin Netanyahu are the five men whose work in my lifetime has most closely resembled the work I see myself doing on purpose according to the vision God has given me. They are my predecessors. I follow their lead as I forge my own footsteps, and establish a legacy that ultimately glorifies God and blesses generations.

My Hero: JESUS

When I Was A Kid: MJ, the Bulls, UNC, street basketball, Joe Montana, 49ers, BMX, Kung Fu, skateboarding and being a ninja. Girls. Airwalks, Vans, & Nike. Baggy pants. Outdoors. Hangin with the older crowd. Went to 10 schools (including 4 high schools), 3 colleges, and lived in 20 homes in 7 states and 2 countries by the age of 18.

This Year: documenting my journey as I grow my annual income to six figures, invest in my first properties, build a business, lose 40 lbs of fat and retrain my body for health and fitness, become a romantic and respected husband to my wife, become an exemplary father to my son, communicate more frequently with family members, travel to meet new leaders and learn new things, and develop and train into a much more disciplined, focused, and influential leader.